Safety must be an integral component of an overall business plan for any company. Safety controls must be designed into every aspect of a job, thereby promoting awareness and continuous improvement in the program. Zero incidents should be a company’s vision rather than a target or performance goal. But is this possible? And should we be seeking to set the standard to this high level? The first step toward achieving zero incidents is to pursue a change in the overall safety culture. Past articles written by notable psychologists have promoted behaviour modification as a technique to achieve success in safety. This approach succeeded the belief that by changing people, injuries will be eliminated. The zero-incident concept is achievable, and a zero-incident safety culture can work when it is properly communicated. The system will work if top management and employees embrace the common vision of zero incidents.
The objective of the management is to convince the skeptics that zero is a reachable vision, a reality. Countries have incorporated ‘Vision Zero’ in many ways including it being as the national schemes, strategic plans and programmes. The cultural belief that all accidents and incidents are preventable should be adopted. Key findings have shown that the zero-incident concept can be achieved as long as both the management and employees are involved in the safety process. Employees should be educated on their active roles in the development and planning of the new safety culture. It is of utmost importance to the success of the process that employees are provided with the tools, funding, and resources to accomplish the given tasks. Any company that institutes a cultural change toward the zero incidents concept is bound to see safety improvements that the entire workforce can be proud of.

Keywords: Safety Culture, Zero Incident, Vision Zero, National Scheme.

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